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8% Mandelic Serum is an alpha hydroxy acid serum that contains the chirally correct versions of both LMandelic acid and L-Lactic acid. L-Mandelic acid has a larger molecular weight than other alpha hydroxy acids slowing down epidermal penetration resulting in a more even exfoliation with less irritation. This water-based serum is recommended for skin prone to inflamed acne, noninflamed acne, fungal folliculitis, and hyperpigmentation. It is appropriate for all skin types and is the first choice to test for skin sensitivity when adding a serum to a client’s home care routine. Key ingredients include: • 8% L-Mandelic Acid: Alpha hydroxy acid that has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, improves the appearance of pigmentation • 4% L-Lactic Acid: Alpha hydroxy acid that is hydrating, exfoliating, and reduces pigmentation • Sodium Hyaluronate (L): Moisturizes, attracts and holds water in the skin • Sodium PCA: Potent hydrating and moisturizing humectant that is non-irritating • Niacinamide: Antioxidant that supports moisture retention and improves the appearance of skin tone and texture

8% L-Mandelic Serum 1 oz

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