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~Tinting Services~

~Brow Tint $20    

~Elleebana Brow Henna $30

(tints brows and skin)

- Brow Tint & Shaping $25

~ Brow Henna & Shaping $35


~Lash tint $25


~Spa Waxing and Sugaring ~

(Hair Removal Services) 

Any area that can be waxed can also be sugared.*   Please indicate if you would prefer sugar over wax. It is completely individual preference, some clients preferring one method over the other. Feel free to try one method one session and change it up the next time you come in, or for bilateral waxing areas, try sugar on one side and wax on the other, to determine which you prefer! 

*Sugaring is an ancient art of hair removal using a completely natural paste made from lemon, sugar and water. Similar to traditional waxing, but with additional benefits. Sugaring is more eco-friendly, highly hypo-allergenic due to its short list of natural ingredients (better for sensitive skin types), and causes fewer, if any, ingrown hairs. Removes more hair at the bulb, sometimes leading to longer-lasting results than waxing.

Relax and Wax: Although many clients seek out sugaring because they hear it is superior over waxing, the Relax n Wax brand was carefully selected for its simple, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic formula and performs better than any other wax on the market. The very pliable "hard wax" contains only  3 natural ingredients: highly refined Colophonium Rosin, vegetable oil, and microcrystalline. (No plastic polymers, usually found in hard wax.) This makes for a non-sticky,  low-temperature wax that leaves no residue, ensuring that clients experience much less discomfort during the service and less irritation following the service. Simply smooth skin. 

~Spa Waxing and Sugaring Menu~

~Eyebrow Shaping $25
~Full Face (not including brows) $35
~Lip $15
~Chin $15
~Cheeks $20

~Nose $10
~Half Arms $35
~Full Arms $50
~Half Leg $40
~Full Leg From $75
~Back From $45
~Stomach From $20
~Chest From $35

~Bikini/Speedo/Modified Bikini From $35

- Peach Smoothie Ingrown Hair Prevention Treatment (Brazilian/Binkini Add-on) $30

Gentle Exfoliating Pre-Wax and Calming and Preventative mask Post-Wax 

- Peach Smoothie Ingrown Hair Treatment, Service Alone, $65

Ingrown hair treatment for the area "down there". Wonderful treatment for in between bikinis or Brazilians when hairs begin to grow back, or for anyone experiencing ingrown hairs for any reason. After cleansing and exfoliating the area, the esthetician removes the offending hair(s). A high frequency machine is then used to kill any lingering bacteria. A specially formulated mid mask is applied to calm and nourish the area. 

~Brazilian $85

All hair removed from the front to the back, including the crack. If the client prefers, a landing strip or other small shape  may be left.  NOTE: "Family Jewels" Add on charge ~ Because extra training and expertise is required when waxing or sugaring the  penis and/or scrotum, and more product is used, any service listed above (including Brazilians) where this area is to be also included will be an additional $35. Thank you for your understanding. 

-Backside $20 Hair removed from perineum, anus and gluteal cleft only

-Booty Cheeks Wax $30Hair removed from buttocks cheeks and upper gluteal cleft only

-Backside and Booty Cheeks $50 Hair removed from perineum, anus, gluteal cleft and cheeks





*Skin Care and Massage Services can be combined with Hair Removal Services.


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