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140 W Oak St # 140 
Fort Collins, CO 80524

The Renewal Spa
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Welcome to the Renewal Spa!

 I'm Courtney! Rejuvenating spa treatments that combine clinical results with a classical spa environment are my passion. I have been practicing massage in Fort Collins since 2013 and graduated from the renowned Healing Arts Institute, where I began my journey into the massage and spa world. I later became a licensed Esthetician in order to offer skincare and hair removal services to my clientele. My philosophy for massage and skincare  rests heavily on the individualism of each client and the circumstances of each visit, and I strive to create a service experience that resonates with the body's changing needs. The physiology of relaxation and it's impact in producing effective structural change is a very important component of all my massage treatments. Self-care is something I practice and discuss regularly with my clients, and I look forward to helping you achieve your self-care goals. 

Courtney Ragan

OwnerLMT, LE

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